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Hello my Friends:D

Well, yes... this is my new Blog because for some stupid reason I just can´t go on my MySpace account any more.

Girls, everyone of you has got the password for this one and I really hope you´re gonna use it .. I think that´´s  - for now - the best thing to deal with the situation. Cause with a blog I can write and tell all of you about my day at once ^^

Well.. the other thing... I´m gonna get myself a Photo Album for the photos I wanna show you.
You can comment on my stuff her just by going on "Kommentieren" .. I think after a
while you´re gonna understand the german words on this site *^^*


Okay..so far.. For a week now I´m havin work experience at the veterinarian (is that a word?) and it´s going quite well

Okay.. that´s it for now - i´m gonna write more on the weekend?

 Love you and miss you ,


25.1.07 19:01

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(20.3.07 12:01)
hewo....i not sure how to work this but hey im giving it a try....miss u too. vet stuff sounds good animals are great!!!! especially those monkeys lol do u have ne pics on this site? wat german word do i press to c them? xoxoxoxo

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