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Let´s see how it goes

Hi to all my beautiful girls!

Well, yes.. that´s it, the first official entry for you and I hope you´re gonna read it..


I don´t know how to begin.. I´m just so pissed that we don´t get to have a better contact.. it´s a year ago now that we went out to ZOOBs for this wonderful night in which I finally found my friends and decided to say Goodbye to the other hangout (by the way.. how are they doing? still betraying each other? ^^)

I think this entry is going to be a bit longer

So.. why did I go Australia? Not only to see another country.. I kind of wanted to have a time - out from home to change myself, to enhance and to abandon some habits I´ve never really liked.. Because I think that it´s hard to change in your familiar environment without having troubles with your friends or family.. I felt that I had to go somewhere to have the chance to become a more friendly and open girl so I´d like myself better...

And what did I get in those 6 months?

I got YOU! I got Ash, Alyce, Ingrid, Talei, Alicia, Elle, Chloe, Lorien, Brendan and yes, even Miriam and Hannah

I still remember the night you took me out to ZOOBs.. I was a bit excited and insecure as I had already been out with Therese and her hangout and I wasn´t really happy by the end of the night.. I had never seen you before in normal clothes so I didn´t know how to dress and I was just hoping to have a good night..

You can´t imagine how good and comfortable I felt by the end of the night with you.. Do you remember how I asked you if I could change into your hangout? I was thrilled when you said yes ^^

In this night I called Markus to happily tell him that I had found the right friends ( FINALLY

I know that I´m not always easy to handle and as I had a hard start in Australia I´m - all the more - thankful that such caring and nice and hearty and sensitive people wanted to have me in their hangout..

From this night on I felt as if my stay in Australia had officially begun.. You helped me to change and to reach the aims I had when I came over.. You made my stay over there to a wonderful one!

"You put the happi into my ness, you put the good times into my fun"

(Who knows which song it is and who remembers the moment we heard it?)

I´ve just put "Walk away" on and now I´m crying.. I miss you so much.. And I feel so bad about our little contact since I´ve left..

Australia made me so much stronger, more self - confident and more satisfied with myself and you were a big part of my aussi experience..

You know, if i knew how to put photos on this blog I would show you my "Australian Wall" to show you what you mean to me..

It´s absolutely normal that we can´t miss each other 24/7 but I wanna have a much better contact with you.. i didn´t build up friendships to just forget them as soon as I´m in Germany again..

So I´m making the first move and tell you about the latest things in my life.. hoping that you will react


Okay.. first of all: I told you before but I don´t get into my MySpace account anymore.. I forgot my PW and I really don´t know how get a new account (neither I know how to design that thing as you remember hat the twins made it for me .. Can sumbody help me?


At the moment I´m attending my driving lessons and I´m not far away from getting my license :D My driving instructor even planned to apply for the driving test this week (and I am SO damn happy that it didn´t work I definitely do not feel ready to go to the test^^ So keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

What else? Markus and I had our first jubilee and I got a beautiful ring from him :D I´m so happy with him and I think this relationship is gonna last a while Felix has got a new girlfriend as well.. I don´t like her but they seem to be very happy and that´s the most important.

My grades in English aren´t the best as I think that the teacher doesn´t like me very much and I don´t like the texts she´s giving us in our exams! ( I mean, there´s something wrong in the world If I was the best in my australian class and if I´m better here in maths and french than in English..)

Speaking of exams: How went your exams?

I hope you all went well and enjoyed your holiday?
And guess what!

I might get a good job beside school! If i get this job I earn up to 400 euros... shit i forget how to convert into you currency.. well it´s a LOT .. and furthermore: If I get this job I´m gonna save most of the money to realize my dream to go to Australia and NZ after my ABI (equivalent to your HSC) next year in summer (your winter or spring). I promise.. IF i get this job I´m coming over :D

I might do Work and Travel cause overall it´s much cheaper.. But If I go on my own, does somebody wanna come with me and discover his / her own country? ^^

@Talei and Ingrid: What are you plans doing ? Still working hard?

So.. the next topic.. you don´t have to be worried that I slided back.. I´m just curious what Ash is doing.. is he still at school? Does he still have his blue- haired girlfriend? As you might have noticed he´s not the most reliable person in the world which might *cough* the reason that he has never ever written me anything eventho he wanted to

And please don´t keep back any informations as you did when he had his girlfriends ^^ It´s cute but you don´t have to I´m fine and I´m just curious how he´s going as I ´d like to have some contact to him (an amicable one :P)

And who can tell me what Elle, Chloe and Lorien r doing?

Cause I never ever had any contact to Lorien again.. ( You may tell her that I´ve been wearing her bracelet every day since I´ve left... )

And I gues that I´ve got a wrong email address of Elle.. And what about Chloe? I dont know.. I´ve talked to her for a while a couple of months ago.. but yeah.. I dont know..

As I can´t think of any new interesting things atm: What´s going on in your life?

I think that´s it for now and I really really hope you know what I want to reach with this Australian blog ^^









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